Reared on comic books, Saturday morning cartoons and kung-fu flicks, trained at NYC’s School of Visual Arts and fueled by copious amounts of caffeine, I’ve grown into a lean, mean, vector slinging machine! As a result I’ve found myself being a hired pencil for quite a few interesting and illustrious clients over the past 15 or so years... some of of which include The Gap, J. Crew, KidRobot, Toy2R, Yoya Inc., Burton Snowboards, UXA Labs, Dave's Quality Meats and National Geographic Kids.
My role for these clients has mostly involved graphics/illustration, logotype, print & pattern, CAD design, hang-tags & labels and related collateral material across all age groups and genders. But I’ve also found myself dabbling in toy design, photography & retouching, painting and package design to round out my skillset all the while helping to keep my perspective as unique and fresh as possible.
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